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Our Mission

Over 40 years ago, Eric Headrick decided to start a business geared to answering the needs of the rail maintenance of way industry. Today that business continues to be a family business that boasts unbeatable customer care, premium quality parts, and unique custom solutions.

What sets us apart?

  • More than 40 years in railroad MOW

  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in the field

  • 24/7 real customer service, from individuals who have been in the MOW industry for decades

  • Top of the line parts, assemblies, and rebuilds

  • Incredible inventory

  • Same day shipping

  • Custom-tailor capabilities

MKIV Combo Clamps
Mark IV workheads

At Railroad Component Rebuilds, Inc., we find a way to make parts better.

We listen to our customers,

help determine what they need, and get it to them as soon as possible.


We know that time means money in the railway industry.


Rail transportation relies on smooth and safe tracks. When rail maintenance is required and your MOW machine needs service or repair, you can’t afford to wait for parts.


Our goal is to get you what you need now.

You will find on-the-shelf quality parts that are ready to ship today.


We carry premium parts and assemblies for rail tampers, spike puller heads, quality carts, pre-gaugers, and more.

We work with maintenance-of-way machines that need to be rebuilt, repaired, need new assemblies or parts. And we can customize and re-manufacture according to your needs.

We specialize in hydraulic vibrator assemblies or workheads. We take the old housings and rebuild them with forged steel in order to create a more robust, heavy-duty, durable, and efficient assembly.

Durability, efficiency, and safety are at the center of every RCR assembly, and we strive to be unbeatable at perfecting and delivering MOW parts. So contact us today and let us help you find the perfect answer to your MOW needs!




Founder and CEO

Second-generation Eric Headrick founded his first rail maintenance-of-way company in 1984; however, his railroad history goes back years further when he worked as a mechanic for Illinois Central (today Canadian National Railway). While at IC, as Eric was rebuilding workheads in the field and in the rail yard, he noticed that these rebuilds were not durable. He knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to rebuild them. So he began to spend his spare time perfecting workhead rebuilds in his garage until he was able to offer a superior product, first to contractors and ultimately to Class 1 railroads. In 1984 he moved his family back to his hometown of Arcola, IL, and founded his first company, JER Overhaul, offering premium rebuilds to the rail maintenance-of-way industry. For the next 22 years, the family business grew and in 2006 it was acquired by Nordco, Inc. At that time, Eric had planned to retire from the MOW industry; however, in 2015 he decided to jump back in and found Railroad Component Rebuilds, Inc. in order to continue providing phenomenal MOW solutions and leave a sustainable company for his children and grandchildren. Today, RCR is a thriving family-owned business where we treat our customers not only like friends, but like family.

Our team

RCR Team
Rail MOW parts.jpg


Our strength lies in our team. 

Our team members boast decades of real MOW experience and know every aspect of our equipment. We focus on outstanding customer service and immediate shipping. We can also troubleshoot your machine over the phone and help help correct isssues so you can get it back and running as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to bring you a superior piece of MOW machinery that will extend the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance costs, minimize down time, and improve safety.


Railway Track


Their peeps know what they're talking about and helped us troubleshoot our machine over the phone. You can't beat that.

Train Crossing Bridge


RCR goes above and beyond our expectations. They always find the parts we need.

Beautiful Landscape


You can't compare their rebuilds to the original. That forged steel makes one durable, monster of a machine.

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